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  1. Some ideas I had for Donator benefits and things to add to the Donator Zone. Increased Blood Money rewards from Tournaments / PvP Extra vote points when voting Noted bones from KBD, Black Dragons, Lava dragons, Wyverns etc. (Higher tier dragons/dragon bosses) Access to more Trading Post slots? Daily login rewards, maybe have it so when you do x consecutive days you get a reward Donator Zone additions Gem mining area with bank deposit box Useable Herb farming patch, maybe Tree & Fruit tree too? Instanced spawn-able wilderness bosses similar to what you did with the Crazy arch. Donator Cosmetic shop for fashionscape ofc Have the altar at DZ give the same EXP as Gilded Altar? Lemme know what y'all think!
  2. Dbcrazy


    Ensure you have the latest download, as there were some updates.
  3. One of the added benefits to the Namek clan is our exclusive resource vault. This is an account I own that has various additional supplies and resources, which can be purchased for quite a bit less than street values. Clan members will have the added benefit of being able to trade supplies for supplies in the vault, donate supplies to the vault and in some instances receive free items from the vault.
  4. Welcome to the Namek clan thread, we are an organization of skilled and knowledgeable Luna members. We look to be inclusive and welcoming to players of all nationalities and backgrounds. If you enjoy PvP, Skilling, Bossing or mini-games, Namek is a friendly green planet. Positive playing space for all to enjoy. Clan Owner: Dbcrazy Elders: Warriors: New-arrivals: LOL Namek is built around inclusiveness. Are you tired of the typical toxicity? Namek provides a friendly and enjoyable Luna experience by providing assistant from elder members and Luna veterans. We want all to be able to enjoy this server and will provide information and items to our members to ensure their enjoyment in the server. Not to mention, Giveaways and clan events! Racism is not tolerated. Spamming uselessness will get you removed. Scamming, Luring or cheating of any kind on Luna will result in you being removed. Treat your members with dignity and respect. Be helpful. Don't put other players down. There are no stupid questions. Have fun!
  5. "Aint nothing like the feeling of uncertainty, the eeriness of silence"

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