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  1. We've updated alot and I forgot to post about it on the forums. Here is a brief list of the things we've done last 2-3 weeks: + Added mithril seeds to general store + Tournament inventory dissapearing is now fixed + Reclaim cannon guy fixed + Added drops for all wyverns - bigPP + Added Combat XP log and changed names a bit + Added Brimstone loots + (ADDED LOADS OF BENEFITS TOO THAT CAN BE FOUND HERE) + Added support rank + Slayer and tournament shop + Alot of store updates + Fixed autocast for mobile! + Added Karabs and Anglers to Resource area! + Wyverns have drops and combat now + You can now use the bestiary to look up NPC drops + You will also see combat information about the NPC you are examining now. + Fixed dicebag so players can use it instead of just dice hosts Infernal cape in + Donor store from 100 points to 70 + Changed the rogue sets fro thieving now you wont get it a million times anymore + Fixed slayer helmet at Thermonuclear boss + Fixed ironman icons in chat + Fixed pack buckets + Resource area for donators is free noted now + Reduced farming timers for donators + Added Sacred Eels + Fixed weird nech bug + Fixed sandpit at rock crabs + Added tournament guy at home that shouts time remaining for next tournament. + Added Skotizo droptable + Fixed serpentine helm venom (all helmets) + Fixed email issue on website + Rockcrabs sandpit fixed + Added celastrus trees + Skotizo drops added + Pest control timer changed so u got more time to enter the boat and made it 2 players to start a match. + Made Lizardman aggressive + Added darts from bronze to adamant to range shop + Added knifes from bronze to mithril to range shop + Ultracompost - Magic shortbow I and slayer staff E can now be made (combining) + Added multiple shortcuts fixes in the world Including: Multiple shortcuts to get to lizardshamans + Hopefully fixed dz fishing now Fixed the wrong ID ninja implings in DZ + Added Barbarian outpost teleport, requested alot! + Added Terror dog teleport + Added Farming Guild teleport already for update coming soon + Added Nightmare Zone! - Use normal activity, hard will be fixed later - Shop added ASAP, get your points for now! - + Wildy bosses events, get some awesome loot, gp and BM from killing wilderness bosses that will appear in your questlog/broadcast! - + Bloody merchant: a merchant that will appear every 4 hours in the Wilderness for a chance for epic loot! - Epic loots - You receive a skull as soon as you enter the shop - + Sacred Eels, you cant knife them yet for scales but you will soon! Farm your eels! - + $10 Donator Scroll! - Now named "Combination" will be renamed together with the box fixes soon! - + Added more terror dogs again + Added Jad (inferno version) to wildy bosses 😉 + Shayzien armor will now work at lizardman shamans + Bloody Merchant works now + Added Galvek to Wilderness teleport interface. + Added loottable to Galvek, D claws INCLUDED!!! + Added $10 - $25 - $50 donator SCROLLS on the website! + Sand Crabs is now a multizone + Fixed Sacred eels spots + You can now knife sacred eels with cooking for zulrah scales! Increased loots at wildy bosses + You now get more Blood Money from wildy bosses Fixed voting website with the errors Wow! Thats alot of updates. Will make it look a little better tomorrow!
  2. Awesome props to u ❤️
  3. Hello, You have to login with your Email! 🙂
  4. Luna

    KC #4

    Omg lol!!
  5. Benefits: COSTUM GRACEFUL OUTFIT FOR DONORS, BOUGHT IN Donator Zone! More mage skillcape book swaps a day for donators
  6. Im going to add most of this, good ideas! 🙂
  7. . This is a small list of things we've done. Everything is in our discord #updates. Link to discord: https://discord.gg/EDwkKF5 From now on there will be a weekly list of updates done that week! - Added 1v1 Tournaments for epic loot! - Added examine NPC droprate - Added XP rates from x1 x1 to x50 x25, we have 4 different rates! - Awesome new home - Loads and loads and I mean LOADS of bug fixes! - New quest log - Donator zone with benefits - Mobile updates, a better looking chat now - Loads of new stores, slayer, tournament, daily task stores - Daily tasks - Achievements - Trading Post! And so much MORE!
  8. Be sure to join our awesome Discord! We post almost every Update over there! LINK: https://discord.gg/EDwkKF5
  9. Love u dude hope to see you in the server often! ❤️ Chat is better now!
  10. Luna


    Great that we got it fixed haha!
  11. Luna


    Be sure to login through Email!
  12. Luna


    Hello, try now.
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