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  4. If you're an avid user of forums, and looking to support this ever growing server, feel free to download the Signature banner below, Not only does it show your dedication to the server, It also attracts new players. Let's get this server out there even more! Download Link: https://i.imgur.com/xVLphte.png
  5. We've updated alot and I forgot to post about it on the forums. Here is a brief list of the things we've done last 2-3 weeks: + Added mithril seeds to general store + Tournament inventory dissapearing is now fixed + Reclaim cannon guy fixed + Added drops for all wyverns - bigPP + Added Combat XP log and changed names a bit + Added Brimstone loots + (ADDED LOADS OF BENEFITS TOO THAT CAN BE FOUND HERE) + Added support rank + Slayer and tournament shop + Alot of store updates + Fixed autocast for mobile! + Added Karabs and Anglers to Resource area! + Wyverns have drops and combat now + You can now use the bestiary to look up NPC drops + You will also see combat information about the NPC you are examining now. + Fixed dicebag so players can use it instead of just dice hosts Infernal cape in + Donor store from 100 points to 70 + Changed the rogue sets fro thieving now you wont get it a million times anymore + Fixed slayer helmet at Thermonuclear boss + Fixed ironman icons in chat + Fixed pack buckets + Resource area for donators is free noted now + Reduced farming timers for donators + Added Sacred Eels + Fixed weird nech bug + Fixed sandpit at rock crabs + Added tournament guy at home that shouts time remaining for next tournament. + Added Skotizo droptable + Fixed serpentine helm venom (all helmets) + Fixed email issue on website + Rockcrabs sandpit fixed + Added celastrus trees + Skotizo drops added + Pest control timer changed so u got more time to enter the boat and made it 2 players to start a match. + Made Lizardman aggressive + Added darts from bronze to adamant to range shop + Added knifes from bronze to mithril to range shop + Ultracompost - Magic shortbow I and slayer staff E can now be made (combining) + Added multiple shortcuts fixes in the world Including: Multiple shortcuts to get to lizardshamans + Hopefully fixed dz fishing now Fixed the wrong ID ninja implings in DZ + Added Barbarian outpost teleport, requested alot! + Added Terror dog teleport + Added Farming Guild teleport already for update coming soon + Added Nightmare Zone! - Use normal activity, hard will be fixed later - Shop added ASAP, get your points for now! - + Wildy bosses events, get some awesome loot, gp and BM from killing wilderness bosses that will appear in your questlog/broadcast! - + Bloody merchant: a merchant that will appear every 4 hours in the Wilderness for a chance for epic loot! - Epic loots - You receive a skull as soon as you enter the shop - + Sacred Eels, you cant knife them yet for scales but you will soon! Farm your eels! - + $10 Donator Scroll! - Now named "Combination" will be renamed together with the box fixes soon! - + Added more terror dogs again + Added Jad (inferno version) to wildy bosses 😉 + Shayzien armor will now work at lizardman shamans + Bloody Merchant works now + Added Galvek to Wilderness teleport interface. + Added loottable to Galvek, D claws INCLUDED!!! + Added $10 - $25 - $50 donator SCROLLS on the website! + Sand Crabs is now a multizone + Fixed Sacred eels spots + You can now knife sacred eels with cooking for zulrah scales! Increased loots at wildy bosses + You now get more Blood Money from wildy bosses Fixed voting website with the errors Wow! Thats alot of updates. Will make it look a little better tomorrow!
  6. Nothing to major. After making a x1 ex rate HCIM I realised some things could potentially hinder a x1 unnecessarily. I will list below Thieving options- No stone chest, with low hp forced to grind silver stalls, Gem stalls take long to respawn, almost ungrindable. Slayer Dart- Slayer Dart has no autocast option on the slayer staff, making turoths very tedious. Especially if you hadn't trained melee for the spear. Cannon fixes- Currently the cannon doesn't grant slayer exp unless you can hit the npc first, 0's don't count. Not only that but ranging or maging an npc being attacked by the cannon results in the npc fleeing in a glitches manor, meaning they are not where they actually look like they are on the screen and makes you run in the opposite direction until you get an error message saying you cannot reach that.
  7. Hi guys, just thinking of some ideas. I was thinking about it it could be possible to right click use an exp scroll on another player in order to gift it them. As you know iron man have alts that they drop items to and sell them. It would be used as a way to cash in valuable unwanted\duplicate items. Also was thinking it would be cool if they stacked and didn't expire upon relog. Let me know what you think!
  8. Sorted, when will silver light be fixed, I know it's minor bit it's really useful.for slayer, such as lesser demons, black demons, and greater demons, tried to use yesterday and realised you can wield but not attack with it.
  9. Good evening, whilst my time on the server has been fairly short, I feel like I could share some useful information to help you guys who want to make an Ironman. So I'll get straight into it. I won't be covering UIM specifically. Only the concept of being Ironman. Fork in the road - Option 1- The first option is to do what most players would usually do. And that's raising your combat level, either through slayer or just monsters. Option 2- The second option would be skilling for supplies like Fish and Potions ect. So that they have adiquate supplies to PVM. Option 3- *My Way* The third option is a combination of both which is what I did. I'll explain what I mean. I skill for the first 3 hours or so. In order to propel myself through PVM. Pre-Brief Before I get into my method of iron-man'ing, I'll share some basic fundamentals. So this is the market area south of home. The YELLOW bracket signals the Fisherman and you General Store Clerk, The fisherman is important as he sells Decent food and Decent potions. As well as all your fishing gear needed for skilling. The BLUE bracket signals the combat merchants, they're very easy to tell apart, as to which one sells what type of equipment. The GREEN bracket signals the 'tool' merchants apart from one jewelry merchant which sells some decent beginner enchanted necklaces. The Red bracket signals for the Donar and Vote stores. VOTING IS IMPORTANT for an Ironman ESPECIALLY. As it gives you access to free XP scrolls from the vote store. Also donating helps the server out alot so be sure to donate if your enjoying your time here. You all know what this is, if you don't it's basically a heal for HP, prayer and run energy combined. And as of I'm aware it has no cool down. An EXTREMELY useful tool early on and later on. Use it! North of the shops you have the slayer masters. There are many masters to choose from and while going in order seems logical. It's not efficient. Many people have had the same problem of not getting points for a slayer helmet and other things before they hit a level that almost negates the use of it. HOWEVER. I have a simple formula and it involves using just 'Krystilia' and 'Turael' The method is simple. Do 9 tasks with turael and the 10th as a wikdy slayer task. As the 10th task grants extra points. But the trick comes with turael. After completing your first task and going back for a second one. DELIBERATELY get a task off Krystilia and then go to turael and tell him your task is too hard and get another. Now that you have this option. You can use it to your advantage. You can keep. Doing this whilst on an easy task. So you can re roll your easy slayer task until you get a low number between 10 and 20. Of the easiest monster. Therefore being able to power through the 9 easy tasks to get a 10th task in the wikdy for more points... Some people will say that doing just wildy is better. But some tasks range from 80-160 Creatures. In which case you will probably max slayer before obtaining a slayer helmet. This is the hub of Lunaors, the teleportation portal. Doesn't need much more explanation than that. Some people have struggled to find the tele porter. Here it is 🤣 And finally this is the altar in which you can switch spell books. This is at home also near the portal. Now That I've covered some of the basics it's time to get into my strategy. I will give a brief overview and then explain it. My way or the highway! - Right. If you made it this far this is where it gets down to the strategy. My general strategy comes from thinking ahead a little. There are many routes but I belive Thieving to be your best bet at the start. I go for 99 personally but you can stop once you have adiquate funding if you do get to 99 you will have enough money to buy tremendous amounts of supplies and runes. Both for combat or preparing your journey through your skills. Secondly I'd go for Firemaking. Specifically wintertodt as not only do you level up multiple skills at once. But the drops can be great for farming supplies and of course that juicy tome of fire. Just a quick note I would do these both at a low level. Thieving is tedious with low hp but cakes are an op food for 10hp characters. And also wintertodt is easily the most AFK at level 3. One I have achieved those two pre-requisites I would then move on to Fishing and Cooking (however isn't necessary) again this is just to not only boost your total level but to ensure you won't need to interrupt grinds by needing to farm supplies. Then I would finally head over to the slayer masters and begin slayer. Doing things in this order not only can beef up your game at the beginning but also sets your mindset up for a preparation style approach when independently completing tasks. With the brief overview done I want to touch on a couple more things before I dive into the methods. XP Scrolls - This item is your absolute bread and butter. Doubling your exp gains for 60 minutes of play time. Cannot be stacked and will be lost upon logout. So make sure your prepared to start skilling as soon as you consume your scroll. I cannot stress the importance of this item. Can be obtained through either voting or donating. Clan chat - This massively overlooked tool can always be useful. Everyone on the server is in the same boat. Some further into their journey than others. But will ultimately offer advice if needed. This server is mostly like OSRS. However some features can be quirky and maybe some guidance of a player is what your lacking. Dwarf Cannon- This invaluable tool can be purchased from the dwarf above the mines North of. Falidor. He also sells cannonballs. Very very useful tool! Voting- If your not voting your an Xp waste as not only can you aquire the scrolls through voting but regular giveaways take place for most votes in a month. Either way it helps you and the server. No brainer. Now into the methods. Thieving! Thieving is the best skill to start with as the cash it generates expands many avenues moving forward early on in the game. While your are an Ironman your still able to use shops. So selected supplies and runes are readily available. The best place to start for me would be the bakers stall behind the shops at home. I would get an inventory of full cakes, eating the other foods as you get them. So that you have an adiquate amount for pickpocketing with enough spare for wintertodt. As these tasks are better suited to a level 3. After you have reached level 40 grab a few cakes so you don't get stunned to death and head over to ardougne via the portal. In the town square there will be a particular house in the North that you would be wise to spend your time in. In this house you can trap an Ardy Knight and a Market Guard. Thieve the guard till 55 thieving and then make a start on the ardy knights. The trick with the ardy knights is that if you pickpocket them on specific tiles you can effectively freeze them onto one spot meaning you don't have to chase it round when thieving you can comfortably sit in one spot and eat when you need to without much hassle. In green I have highlighted the spots in which you can freeze the ardy knights. It's as simple as pickpocketing them in the spots. Rinse and repeat. You can also trap. hero in a similar fashion after 80 thieving as it grants 17k exp with a scroll active. Compared to 5k exp on an ardy knight. Ardy knights also drop rogues outfit. This is it till 99 and once you get there. You should have a few million to spend to. Firemaking! Now whilst this isn't a needed skill.. It's quick, it's easy and it comes with some other gains to. Like Fletching and construction both passively leveled as you play wintertodt. In order to access wintertodt you need 50 firemaking. This can be accomplished by cutting and burning logs. No tutorial needed. Once your 50 firemaking you will need to prepare your inventory and mainly your armour. In wintertodt you can be damaged randomly by an AoE attack of just a normal single target attack. Aswell as the brazier exploding time to time. In order to negate this damage. You have to wear warm clothing. The easiest gear to obtain would be the Desert Set, from shanty pass Al Kharid. Just like in osrs. Also buy a fire staff from the magic shop. This gear alone should be enough. If you donated for a fire Cape then that counts to. AGAIN ITS BEST TO DO WINTERTODT ON A LVL 3 as the damage dealt is on a percentage basis. Thus cakes are very good at keeping you alive. When completing wintertodt take with you. A rune axe or better, a tinderbox, a hammer and a knife. As your strategy will be to basically keep 2 or more braziers lit to drain the WT health pool to below 20 percent for easy manageability. And then just cutting Fletching and burning roots. But try to keep from ending the game. Two games at 8k points is enough for 99 if you use an Xp scroll. You don't want to do more than 8k as if you have no inventory spots for your supply crates they will vanish forever. And GL on that tome of fire! Time for step 3.. Slayer.. And beyond! By far the most efficient way to train combat is with slayer. Not only is it extra gains on top of your combat exp training. But it also paves the gateway to endgame pvming which is essential for maximum gains. Everyone knows how to slay so as I touched on before the technique to use is to do 9 easy tasks of turael, followed by. Wildy slayer task on the 10th. This will get you a slayer helmet by 30 tasks. (3 actual tasks) and by 50 you should be able to unlock most of the major slayer rewards due to the point bonus increase at 50. Thats it for now. As I have lost patience writing a guide on a mobile. If any questions please don't hesitate to ask me in game or players on the clan chat. Possibly part two coming soon! Bobharlie.
  10. Hey ladies and gentlemen I have made an in depth skilling guide so you all can get 99s much easier with less hassle! WOODCUTTING - teleport to seers Village (City teleports - seers village) its pretty straight forward as all the logs needed are around you (regular, oak, willow and maple) once level 60 you can cut yews at the woodcutting guild (skilling teleports - woodcutting guild) then run West until you see the redwood trees and there are all 3 trees (yew, magic and redwood) for your 60 - 99! FLETCHING - seers Village (City teleports - seers Village) has logs, oak, willow and maple, from 1 to 65 fletch and go woodcutting guild for yew and magic to cut and fletch or you Could feather mithril darts (52) and adamant darts (67) you can buy your feathers from fisherman in north end in shop centre at home. FIREMAKING - there is only one very quick way of levelling it up and that is wintertodt (mini game teleport - wintertodt) you need 50 firemaking before attempting this minigame as well as talking to ignisia. It takes roughly 30 to 38k points in total to get 99 firemaking which is nothing! Alongside that you will get extra levels in construction and woodcutting so it's an absolute win! MINING - start off at lumbrige swamp (City teleport - lumbridge then run East) and mine copper and tin ores from 1 - 15 then after that go ahead and mine iron ores to level 30 in East varrock mines (city teleport - varrock then run south east) then you will have access to motherlode mine (bring a hammer) , once you are level 72 you will have access to the upper floor which will speed up your trips as its close to the bank chest, with your gold nuggets I recommend buying a prospector set as it will increase your xp by a lot and will have 99 mining in no time. SMITHING - smelt bronze bars and Smith them into anything until you reach above level 15 to smelt iron bars and make platebodies and up to level 40, I recommend completing achievement GOLDEN TOUCH so you can acquire goldsmith gloves (boosts gold smelting xp by 150%) smelt all the gold you want then once level 68 smithing you can make mithril platebodies until level 88 for adamant platebodies to 99 or you could Smelt gold bars all the way to 99 if you can't afford supplies. CRAFTING - there are multiple ways of levelling up crafting as for buying buckets of sand or filling them up with sand north of wheat field in zanaris (dramen staff - spirit tree) then running to the south bank (supermake glass works on here but requires 77 magic) and then you can make glass orbs. Another way is to tan any hides you buy and craft bodies which is probably best xp per hour. Then at last crafting gems are a good way of gaining crafting xp, the better the gem the more xp you get. HERBLORE - as the xp rates on here can be high you are better off creating any potion possible. You can buy ingredients from druid South East inside of shop centre at home. FARMING- I recommend going wintertodt (Minigame teleport - wintertodt) and picking up bruma herbs until level 9 so you can grow Guam herbs for your herblore and grow all the trees you can for insane farming xp (remember to pay the farmers with coins to take care of your allotment and trees) and just use up all the seeds you have. Trees will take up to 3 to 4 hours to fully grow and herbs can take 15 to 30 minutes if your a donator time is slightly reduced. FISHING- you can fish shrimps South West of draynor village until level 40 for lobsters, then after that you can teleport to camelot and run south east to catherby fishing spot and fish lobsters until level 62 for monkfishes (skilling teleports - monkfishing) once level 76 you can fish sharks (skilling teleport - fishing guild) and fish sharks to 99 fishing. COOKING - cook any fish that matches your level if you get level 35 cooking and have a ton of grapes and jugs of water you could make jugs of win for 99 cooking as its quick xp if not just keep cooking fishes to 99 cooking. CONSTRUCTION- you can start off construction with wintertodt as you earn a lot of xp from fixing braizers (bring a hammer) you can do this to any level you feel like but once above level 38 you can make teak tables then once level 52 you can make mahogany tables, luckily the house portal is south east of home bank so your levels will go by very quick but mahogany tables are by far the quickest xp so will get you to 99 construction in no time (make sure you have a saw and a hammer) THIEVING - you can head south west of home bank and you see a set of stalls, you will thieve the bakery stall (lvl1) up to level 20 to thieve silk stalls to level 50 to thieve silver stalls to level 55 so you unlock ardougne knights as these are not only semi afk xp but you get a nice amount of gp from them and you could thieve up to 70 thieving to steal from paladins as they give near enough double the xp an ardougne knight would and its a very easy 99 skill. SLAYER - this skill would require you to have a minimum of 60 in each combat stag and at least 43 prayer so you can do tasks from chaeldar instead of doing easy and boring tasks. If your task is too difficult or too time consuming from chaeldar you can always talk to turael so you can be given a much easier task (goblins, rats etc...) then there is Steve who hands out boss tasks but requires 75 slayer before gaining tasks from him. HUNTER - from level 1 you will have to catch crimson swifts in feldip Hills (skilling teleport) to get past the hills you teleport to, run east towards corsair cove, on the first shortcut climb the rocks and run east and you will see crimson swifts and get 19 hunter then run west for tropical wagtails up to 53 hunter for white chinchompas (training - ogres. North of eagles peak) then catch white chinchompas to 63 hunter (South of feldip Hills lake aka centre of feldip Hills) and finally from 73 to 99 catch black chinchompas (wilderness - East dragons then run north) AGILITY - all locations are found at city teleports, gnome stronghold 1 - 10, draynor 10 - 40, canifis 40 - 60, seers 60 - 80 (pollinviech does not work at the moment) Rellekka 80 - 90, and finally ardougne 90 - 99 RUNECRAFTING- complete a trip or two in the abyss (North west of home wilderness) once level 14 you will be able to craft fire runes (bring a fire talisman) teleports to duel arena (minigame teleport) and run east to the altar, I recommend doing this until level 40 then from 40 - 77 craft astral runes you must teleport to lunar Isle and run South East be away there's level 100 monsters so I'd recommend being a higher level for that. PRAYER - there are 3 ways to effectively train prayer on here which is 1. Gilded altar with both lit incenses. 2. Wilderness chaos altar (2nd most effective, 50% chance to save bones, risk: WILDERNESS) 3. donator zone chaos altar (Most effective way as its next to a bank in donator zone. I hope You have found this helpful for you people!
  11. Can confirm dipsy is an expert so +1 vouch
  12. Awesome props to u ❤️
  13. Hello, You have to login with your Email! 🙂
  14. Hey ladies and gentlemen, this guide is for new players seeking help and this will most certainly help you! First of all you can start with voting! You can earn 6 vote points every 12 hours! You can save up points to buy vote mystery boxes to sell or open yourself, 1hr double xp scrolls, 30minutes 25% pet drop rate scroll or 30 minutes double drop rate scroll and much more! You can find the portal slightly north east of home, this will take you around important areas in the game. This is optional if you want an early 99 and some skilling materials, you can go ahead and do wintertodt mini game! , you require 50 firemaking before entering and make sure you speak to ignisia so be allowed to enter! it's easily soloable at level 3 (10hp) for fast kills you can light the 2 nearest braziers but its recommended to just light 1 and get fast firemaking levels, the more points you get the more crates you get! Make sure you bring 4 - 5 cakes within your trip as he may occasionally deal damage but when you get at least 1 warm piece just bring 1 - 2 cakes. By the end of getting 99firemaking from wintertodt you will have 60 - 68 construction, 50 - 60 woodcutting and some materials! So let's start where you have no gp, the best way in my opinion as a starter is to get 55 thieving, you can get that by thieving stalls (South West of home) level 1 for bakery stalls, level 20 for silk and level 50 for silver stalls. Once level 55 you can thieve ardougne knights (ardougne City teleport) which can earn you from 2m to 3m an hour! This is great for starter cash which can help You get all the supplies you need for combat. I recommend killing sand crabs (training teleport) for afk and best xp for a low level, I recommend 55 to 70 in each combat before slayer so you can head straight to chaeldar for decent slayer xp and points, if your task is too hard or too time consuming you can always talk to turael to make your task easier and shorter so you can get the task you want. If you are looking for good prayer xp there are a few ways of getting dragon bones by getting 83 hunter to catch dragon imps which can drop from 70+ dragon bones by chance, buy from other players or kill green dragons for fast and guaranteed dragon bones of course (make sure to bring an antifire shield/dragonfire shield or antifire potion) The best altar in game is the chaos altar as it has a 50% chance to save a bone sacrificed, found in wilderness or donator zone (there's a bank right next to chaos altar in donator zone) or just go to a player owned house but for good xp from there you must light both incenses but you require 1 clean tarromin per incense. Want to get two vital untradeables early game? Head on to competing in tournaments! These occur every 30minutes with different varieties of setups stated in tournament, You can earn a fighter torso, It costs 150k blood money and then there's salve amulet (10% extra accuracy and damage on undead great at revenant) you earn 10k blood money per tournament win, 2nd place 6k and 3rd place 3k. And finally there are revenants, you can have a chance on earning vesta, statius, zuriel and morrigans pieces (you can earn these from any moster in the wilderness, the higher the level the monster is the higher chance but still very rare! Revenants can drop a lot of supplies and materials which you can use for yourself or sell to other players but this earns great money. I hope you find this helpful and Thank you very much for playing Luna RS and enjoy playing!
  15. Try to sign in on the app on my mobile after spending good 10 hours and such trying to get it on my mobile for me to make my account vote and not be able to log in on the app, every time I try it says (unexpected server response, please select different world & try again) please help I want to play the game
  16. Why can I not log in? I downloaded it on my andriod, and ice confirmed email and everything, I voted, and I go on the app to log in and it says (unexpected server response, please select different world &try again) but doesn't pet me select another world please help been trying for over 10 hours
  17. Im new and cant get into the game Its says please try use a different world
  18. The staff and community are amazing! They provide excellent updates, fun bossing events and exciting custom content
  19. ❤️ Best OsRsPs Community, If you're confused just ask anyone and they will help Friendly staff Great eco/pvp ! Can't wait to see whats to expect in the future 🙂 -----> Bigfoot
  20. Awesome thanks , this makes its easier for people too see too ,
  21. Luna

    KC #4

    Omg lol!!
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    KC #4

    The grind was real 😅
  23. Awesome! It's great!
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